Review #3: “Nasrin” (2020)

Jeff Kaufmen’s documentary Nasrin (2020) studies Nasrin Sotoudeh’s life and work in activism. The story of Nasrin Sotoudeh should be important to abolitionists, anti-authoritarians, and feminists everywhere because of Sotoudeh’s long history of working for human rights and the freedom of expression for women in Iran. Nasrin Sotoudeh is a human rights activist, writer, lawyer and political prisoner in Iran. She supports the youth who face the death penalty and defends women who protest wearing of a hijab. The film Nasrin is well deserving of distribution and discussion by anyone who is interested in seeking structural change in women rights in Iran and abroad. Both Nasrin Sotoudeh and the film Nasrin stress the importance of art and freedom. Due to the strict policies of Iran the film crew who shot this documentary wish to remain anonymous. Nasrin is both exciting and heartbreaking, exposing the repressive terror that one woman faces as she stands up for her convictions and ideals. The film is just as brave as Nasrin Sotoudeh is.

Nasrin Sotoudeh is currently facing 12 years and 74 lashes for the crimes of inciting corruption and prostitution, openly committing a sinful act for appearing in public without a hijab, disrupting public order, spreading fake news and propaganda. You can support Nasrin by signing the petition in the link below.

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